Man On The Edge

Man on the Edge
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: November 13, 2004
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Barb Smith, Chelsea Smith


The idea of this movie started after Simulated Evil. It has a similar premise with the beginning of Simulated Evil, except instead of returning to regular school, the Andrew character goes to an alternative school. When he gets there, he meets a guy named Dave who is a strange dude.
He tells Andrew that he is in the mafia, could have anyone killed, and wants to be his best friend at the same time, since he really doesn’t have any friends. So he meets Andrew’s other friend, Dave, as well. Both Dave and Andrew start to think Dave is very strange. Not just with the mafia stuff, but thinking he is also very annoying and won’t leave them alone with constant dramatized phone calls. Eventually, Dave tries to hook Andrew and Dave up with some girls and of course, it fails. Andrew mistakenly tells the girl over the phone that Dave’s in the mafia, and he’s not sure if he’s kidding or not.
Next thing you know Dave gets mad and unforgiving at Andrew. While this happens, Andrew hooks up with the girl at his alternative school. An accident happens, and then Dave’s reign of idiocy comes to an end shortly thereafter.
We started this right after Simulated Evil in 2003, and then we couldn’t finish it because we ran out of ideas. By the time I moved, we added a little more to the movie. And then one day, we both threw around ideas of how the movie would turn around and come to an end. manontheedge
I thought that was an interesting movie for us to make, especially with this new character we invented based on someone we knew. However, while it is comical in the beginning, it starts to get annoying and drag a bit in the middle of the movie, and by the time the drama parts kick in, it just gets kind of dumb. We originally thought making a dramatic turn of events would make it interesting. However, it didn’t quite work for the feel of the movie. Also, this film was lazily made, and you can tell by our lack of efforts in the handmade scenes, and already-used handmade scenes from Chris Gleason 2000 and other movies we made before.
I still think the ending is hilarious because it has a not-so-positive message for the end of the film, which will leave some viewers baffled and others laughing. Andrew and I still watch this every now and then for a good laugh. Sadly, this really was the last movie that Andrew and I made together.


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