Necro Night

Necro Night
Directed by Dave Smith & Jeremy Dick
Completed on December 31, 2004
Released: January 5, 2005
Voice Cast: Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith

Nick Crushem: Zombie Hunter

Nick Crushem: Zombie Hunter

After Jake had been released, I had started going to community college not long after. Andrew and I worked on finishing Man on the Edge, while Jeremy and I came up with a new movie. We wanted to enter the Halloween 3DMM movie contest. I brought forth to Jeremy my old movie from 1999 called The Offspring. Obviously he couldn’t see it because of the computer crash, but I told him the story, and wrote out a new movie.
With Jeremy Dick’s help, the movie worked and was re-named Necro Night. It would be a zombie movie, which was something I definitely needed to make before my 3DMM days came to an end.
The plot is about 2 dumb kids that resurrect zombies out of the backyard cemetery of a zombie hunter named Nick Crushem. The zombies begin to take over town, and Nick hunts them down. He takes a few survivors back with him for a place to stay, until most of them are killed and he is killed himself. All that’s left is the one guy John who becomes to the new king zombie hunter. The ending is a massacre, until… well, you’ll see.


Unfortunately, this didn’t get done in time for the Halloween contest because both of our schedules were a bit off, and we weren’t finished. Around the time we finished up, Dimebag Darrell, one of my metal heroes, had died. So we dedicated the movie to him and made a Pantera-dominated soundtrack. Why not? It is a brutally violent zombie film after all!
There are a lot of comical scenes and it worked perfectly. We both tried a new technique with the handmade scenes combined with default 3DMM scenes. It I thought it looked neat. Also this was the first movie I used with the 3DMM expansion pack add-ons.
This was extremely entertaining. Almost everything about it is flawless except I felt it ended too fast and it seemed short. But nonetheless, it was quite an enjoyable experience making it. We finished it on the last day of the year, but didn’t get released until a bit later because I think it entered the next contest. I didn’t care if people didn’t like it, it was still great. Watch out for the secret ending!
Sadly, this was Jeremy and I’s last movie together. We had a sequel idea in mind, but it never happened.


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