The Darkness Within 3

The Darkness Within 3
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: May 6, 2005
Voice Cast: Nic Bear, Andrew Murphy, Ben Fortier, Jessica Campbell, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith, Chelsea Smith


After the release of Necro Night, I wanted to go back one more time into the 3DMM Noir world. I decided to make Darkness Within a trilogy. If I was to continue the Darkness Within series, I had better come up with something good. Then it hit me.
I decided to bring in a new character, a troubled man named John Cassidy. He, like Andrew in the first movie, has haunting dreams that lead to murder. Also like Andrew, his relationship with his girlfriend Bree is failing and she runs off to her old boyfriend, Mike. Meanwhile, the cops are starting to think that Cassidy is the killer. He is arrested for a murder, and there is a huge shootout at a police station. In the end, he finds the true killer.
Once again, like the other 2 films, I applied drama and action in the necessary parts. I also didn’t make the ending stupid and rushed, even though it was part of my criticism. I liked my choice of casting, my usual crew of 3DMM friends, with the exception of Nic Bear, doing the voice of John Cassidy. I wanted a different voice actor for the lead this time, and I felt he did a very good job!
Upon release, not many downloaded it to see it, I guess because my name was starting to fade. This was because the 3DMM Expansion Pack brought on new types of 3DMM movies that go beyond the normal movies with handmade scenes that I was making. Although I used new parts from the Expansion pack in this movie, I still feel I didn’t to go above and beyond. You can tell I used scenes from other movies I made, including The Death of BR.
The reviews were mixed ranging from good to average. Some people criticized the ending felt rushed (I disagree), and others said it wasn’t as exciting as the originals. But I was so far from caring at this point. I just wanted to keep the Dave Smith entertainment rolling.


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