A Night at Spike’s House

A Night at Spike’s House
Directed by Dave Smith
Completed on July 11, 2005
Released: August 17, 2005
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Ryan Beagle, Chelsea Smith


I wanted to make a new movie right after Darkness Within 3. It was the summer between semesters, so I had some time. I was in a new band with this dude Ryan, and we made a funny skit on my computer about a bunch of frat boys having too much fun partying, and in the end they turn gay. One of them is a homophobe and freaks out, while the other two think it’s great. I think the online video called Bro Rape, that was popular at the time, was the big inspiration for it. Ah, sexual orientation confusion – always a good source for comedy.

It was a really short movie, but very hilarious and everything wrong all at the same time. I think I did go over-the-top with the gayness, but it was too funny. Most people in today’s politically correct world will hate me for it, but I really don’t care. I still find it hilarious. I don’t know why I even entered this into the 3DMM contest, but it got shot down really hard. This was an extreme flop for me.


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