Genuardi’s Massacre

Genuardi’s Massacre
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: January 17, 2006
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Ryan Beagle, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith, Madeline Richardson, Bill Leon


Andrew and I had been talking about this movie for a while, as a joke at first. Andrew was working at a grocery store, and thought it’d be hilarious to have a slasher movie at a grocery store. I haven’t made a slasher in awhile, so I felt the need to go back to my bread and butter. Andrew and I wrote the script together, but he would have no part in directing this. I was in the middle of my 2nd year at college and was still making 3DMM movies. I was 20 years old and did not care. I was still having fun, while everyone else seemed to be fading away from it.
The plot was simple. A psycho killer named Eddie “Machete” Jones escapes a mental institute, and heads toward a grocery store, killing off the employees one by one. The boss gets pissed and thinks somehow Andrew is behind it. The ending is brutal and everyone pretty much dies.


Ryan was actually down to do voices, as was Jeremy, and Bill Leon (known as “Klaymen” in the 3DMM community). I couldn’t get a female to do voices for the movie. It was getting rough these days, so I had to get my friend Madeline to do them and she could only do it over the speakerphone. So that part of the movie seems a little strange to viewers. I got to use some new 3DMM props and scenes from the Expansion pack to make the movie a little more interesting. I definitely did a great job with the kills, and even the suspense to a degree, despite how B-rated it all was. I love the bloody ending, and felt the movie works as one of my better slashers.
Once released, the typical bullshit reviews occurred, which was totally expected. But again, I did not care one bit. I don’t think many saw it either, because again my name was fading fast.

UPDATE – Sadly this movie was deleted/blocked on YouTube because of the use of Pink Floyd and Chicago songs, plus a couple others. So the audio had to be edited for all of you to view. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the best the movie is going to look.


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