Emo Kids

Emo Kids
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: June 8, 2006
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Chelsea Smith, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith


For my last film (which wasn’t planned to be my last one), I decided to go back to the comedy style of Wiggers, and explore another high school stereotype. I had been out of high school for 2 years at this point, but my sister was in school and I was well aware of this mid-2000s trend. She switched her music of choice from Emo to Metal at this point in her life, so she wanted really badly to express the stupidity of these trendy kids.
So together, Chelsea and I made the script. The story was about a high school outcast filled with bad luck named Adam Apple. He just broke up with his middle school girlfriend, and hangs out with a new group of friends that introduce him into the emo lifestyle. Adam finally thinks he’s fitting in with the right crowd, but his luck goes down the drain even more.
We got Andrew and Jeremy in on the voices, and Chelsea got to do all the female voices. The script was absolutely hilarious, so it had to be done. I worked on it the best I could, even putting in scenes from the Expansion pack. I felt it was a little long in the end, but it flowed nicely and the comedy was great. The 3 different endings were a little dumb, but it still worked for me.
I knew this was going to get slammed when I released it, but it got mixed reviews. Some found it funny, others said there was too much gayness going on, and others just thought it was a bad movie. I just laughed it off because I had a lot of fun making the movie, and it actually brought me and my sister closer because she helped me out a lot with making it. She definitely had to with the musical selection part, even though some of the band choices weren’t “true Emo”. But then again, none of the musical selection in Wiggers was “true Rap” anyway. It just goes with the whole poseur scene.
Sadly, this was my final feature in 3DMM. I couldn’t go on after this. Andrew lost interest, other than to do voices for movies, even though we had a couple great ideas for other movies. Jeremy and I were going to make a Gargle Man remake that was 100x funnier than the original. We had wrote a script and everything, too! But sadly, Jeremy’s life went beyond 3DMM, as mine did as well. There was also a lot of unfinished movies I made, but sadly I knew it was over. If I kept making movies, they would just consistently be shot down just because I am Dave Smith, the king of bad 3DMM movies. I still don’t care. I had a lot of fun making all of these movies, and it was interesting time in my life from when I was 10 years old first purchasing it, 14 years old when I started making movies for the 3DMM online community , and to when I was 20 years old, calling it a day.


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