3D Movie Maker – Conclusion piece

I had wanted to make Gargle Man remake into a movie (and it would’ve been amazing by the way). Time had passed fast, and next thing you know it was 2007. No progress. And then it was 2008, and it was definitely a completely dead scene for me. There was also an idea I had about a group of satanic terrorists burning down a church. I had another movie script that Ben Fortier wrote called Mandatory Suicide that I attempted to make. I was only able to accomplish one scene into the movie. I even had a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5 project that never got done.
It was really all just fun and games with 3D Movie Maker. It got me through middle school and high school, and even half of my college years. Looking back, there are some embarrassing moments like “what the hell was I thinking? What a stupid movie!” and then there are moments where I’m thinking this is fucking brilliant and I wish it was a real movie. But now in a way, they are. They’re here now online, and now people will see them.
They definitely aren’t the best movies ever, but they sure are entertaining, and that was why I made them in the first place!

Small Update – I recently had put together the sound pieces for the Gargle Man 2007 remake, with some updated 2015-recorded voices. The whole sound is about 18 minutes long. It’s got a soundtrack, 3DMM sound effects, the works! It will be uploaded on YouTube one of these days, and possibly with added animation by Jeremy Dick.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested in hearing it. It’s literally an audio-only 3DMM movie.


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