Still a ghost to this world

I still go unnoticed. After all these years, no one really cares what I have to say about things. No one will ever read it. No one is going to care what I want to show the world through music. No one will ever listen to it.  People will leave you in life, because they only think about themselves. It’s all true. You will be left alone by yourself with no help and no love or support. You’re just a nobody and always will be, that is how the world is viewing me.
People will stay in their phony relationships with their “soul mate” and be weak the rest of their lives rotting away like the rest of the sheep. Go ahead, follow the herd, and be like everyone else. Follow the human traditions of “love and marriage”, and have children in an over-populated world where the internet already exists to ruin lives even further. Go ahead and rot your brains with video games and computers, and you’ll die even faster.I’ll still be a ghost, invisible to your pathetic existence with my pathetic existence.  I’ll be in the background dying while you’re having a ball living in excess with your success.


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