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Apologies for the lack of updates, my friends. I have been meaning to put up more movie reviews, I have actually been really busy with work and music. So here is the latest:

The new band  – On Sunday, my new band had our first jam sessions. We had to travel to Manayunk to this studio because we don’t have a proper jam spot set up yet. We warmed up, and started getting into it right away.
My band mates (and self included) were very impressed with my drumming. I picked it right back up like it never went away! I was very, very happy about that, because I haven’t actually drummed on a kit in almost a year. As insane as that sounds considering I just released new Coffin Born and working on MoonCandle.
It went very well and we sounded amazing already! Some of it got recorded on Austin’s phone, so we have a bit of music recorded already as well.  The next practice will be soon, and I am sure it will be great. No band name yet, and no song titles yet, but the sound is very melodic metal, and the song we are working on sounds incredible. For a first practice, it was more than impressive.  We are going to tear it up when it becomes real. Anyone who wants to hear the sample recording, hit me up on FB.

MoonCandle update – I recently got to hang with Zach and we had a discussion about the band. It sounds like the first album by MoonCandle will be done very soon. The main songs are done and it needs some editing. The album will probably be released via 2 CDs, and possibly 2 vinyls. So I will keep you all updated on that. And for those who are wondering why I said earlier that I haven’t drummed in awhile… This specific project is different. It is a mix of Avant-Garde/Drone Metal. It’s very trippy instrumental stuff, and my drums are done on the keyboard. Don’t worry it’s not a boring drum loop, i made it so that it sounds like someone is really playing on a drum set. I won’t go into much more detail, but it will be an interesting departure from the Coffin Born sound.

Coffin Born update – Obviously no new music to report, but I am uploading all our work over the years onto YouTube and to all the music sites – SoundCloud, ReverbNation, etc. I also have plenty of CD copies to give out. So everything is available to hear for your enjoyment.

So there’s the latest on the bands! I really have been busy, especially working 50+ hours on regular work. But i do want to put up some new review stuff soon, so I promise to keep you all in the loop.
Horns uP!

DM Dave


40 years ago

For those who don’t know, Taxi Driver is one of my favorite movies ever. I wanted to write a retrospective for it, but haven’t gotten it done in time, obviously. I originally wanted to write reviews for EVERY Martin Scorsese movie, but haven’t finished yet. The Taxi Driver Retrospective will be up soon though I promise! And it may be in a few parts, because I have a lot to say about my favorite movie 🙂



Blackmail (1929)
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Anny Ondra, John Longden, Sara Allgood


30 years before Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock broke down barriers with this infamous, groundbreaking film. Not only is it his first talkie, it’s also the first talkie to come out of Great Britain. Also it is probably the first film with voices to show this kind of subject matter. There is a lot of spoilers in this review, so be advised.
The movie starts like a silent movie because originally it was filmed as a silent movie, and then re-shot with the voices when the decision was made for the audio. So the first 5 minutes of the film are silent. We see the police arrest a man and we do not know why or what for. You first hear talking at the police station (Scotland Yard). The film then gets to the main story.
A young policeman and his girlfriend go out for a dinner together at an expensive-looking restaurant. The girlfriend doesn’t seem too interested in her cop boyfriend. They have a brief argument about going to the movies after the dinner. She doesn’t want to, because is secretly meeting a guy behind his back after the dinner.
They go their own ways, and she meets up with the guy. He is an artist and has his own studio. He shows her his disturbing looking painting, and then she dresses up for him while he plays piano. He begins to advance on her, and attempts to rape her. She stabs and kills him. The look on her face is that of pure horror. It is a very intense moment in the movie. She makes it back home leaving behind some clues, and she can’t get her mind off the murder.

Her boyfriend ends up being the detective investigating the murder. A guy who was nearby the crime scene (and the subject of the disturbing painting), saw her that night going in and out of the building. He attempts to blackmail. However, his criminal record isn’t very good. He is chased by police, and found guilty of the murder. He falls to his death.
By the end the girl is indirectly responsible for 2 deaths, and she gets away with it.


I thought Anny Ondra (who looks very beautiful) did a very good performance considering she had done both silent and sound work. I also think her dubbing was perfect. I had no idea they had to get an English actress to do her voice over because of her heavy Czech accent.
As I said earlier, this movie was definitely a landmark in movie history. It is a very important film in Hitchcock’s filmography as well. Like a couple of his silent pictures before, and the ones that would follow afterward, there are many Hitchcockian traits – a pretty blonde, a murder, someone falsely accused or framed, and an ending that is sometimes unsettling. It is absolutely brilliant work that laid the foundation of future Hitchcock suspense thrillers to come. Anyone that is trying to get into the world of Hitchcock and his great movies, I highly recommend seeing this.

Today’s the big day

Hey friends. Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. It’s been a busy (and depressing) time of year. But things are looking up now.
In my music history news today, myself and Ryan Beagle (my old guitarist from Imminent Death in 2005 who also did voices for some 3DMM movies of mine) is helping me pick up my drum set at Nick’s parents house and bringing it to his place. It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve played on my actual drum set. I can’t wait to see it again and start this new band.
More news to come !


Boycott Valentine’s Day

Only in A-fucking-merica does such a stupid “holiday” exists that makes or breaks relationships. Be smart and independent – boycott relationships in general! They only make you weak and vulnerable. Live Laugh Love my ass. I say DIE CRY HATE, motherfuckers!!