MoonCandle and Terminal Frost

Sorry for the deadness of this blog, but life has been very crazy lately for me. My computer wasn’t even working at one point and I barely had time to write anything.
But real quick, MoonCandle‘s first LP XVIII will be out in a week or so.
My new band is now called Terminal Frost, and we now have 4 songs we are working with.  Very excited for every one to hear my new music.

The movie reviews for Martin Scorsese’s filmography are still in progress. I am over a quarter of the way done, still have a lot to write! I may work on a Brian De Palma one as well.
Keep checking back. More stuff coming, I promise!


MoonCandle almost here!!

The first MoonCandle album is just about finished.
For those of you who don’t know, MoonCandle is a Drone Metal/Avante-Garde/Experimental side project band put together by friend Zach and I.
Our first album will be called XVIII

The official track listing:

1. (((MOON))) – Infinite Pulses From a Double Moon
2. Ghost Pilots of the Flying Diesel
3. Nitroglyceride
4. Hypnorotic Somnambulist
5. Song of the Dragons Flying To Heaven

The release date will be announced very soon. Keep checking back for more updates!

Sorry folks… busy days

The month of March was extremely busy for me. Ive been working 50+ hour weeks, plus my bands MoonCandle & the new one not named yet, and writing my ultimate Scorsese reviews. I also was flea market vending one weekend, and another weekend I saw Megadeth/Suicidal Tendencies. So its been crazy. I promise to put more stuff up soon. I might even repost some of the old 3DMM films to keep you guys entertained.

Some updates — MoonCandle‘s first album is going to be called “XVIII“All the songs are done, we are just putting the finishing touches on it now.

My other new band is continuing to practice, and it is doing very well.

Movie reviews coming soon. Stay tuned in.