DownSyndrome was a band I was in from 2011 until 2014. I didn’t come up with the name. Nick and Mike had already had the name. The logo was clearly seen on every one of their brilliant sketches. Nick tried to explain to me what it was really all about. He really just thought it was a cool band name, and it didn’t mean anything related to Down’s Syndrome because it doesn’t have an apostrophe S. The artwork consisted of nothing related to the disease.  There was a Satanic Spock with a pentagram on his hand and all these freaky-looking characters. Nick was a true artist.


Despite the name, I knew it was going to be interesting because I wanted to jam with Nick for awhile. He was a great guitar player. Mike did vocals and lyrics. They both thought a bass player wasn’t necessary even though they were huge Primus fans.  Eventually our buddy Drew came back from college, and suddenly joined the band on keys (unbeknownst to me at the time). He later switched up to the Keytar even though Mike joked with him about owning a Keytar the practice session before. Nick basically explained to me that Drew was going to play the bass notes through the keys and add cool effects, even doing guitar-sounding solos. It actually brought a new dynamic to the sound, and it was really sick. I really felt something original here.
We also practiced really hard and had a total of about 10 songs. This demo was recorded in 2013, and this is how it turned out. Only 4 of our songs were recorded.   Very quick summary:

GuttsuckanalNoose – starts out funky.
Live Long & Suffer! – our ode to Spock, awesome riffage.
Nukelear Wasted – nice opening drum beat.
Insulfate the Nazarene – just all around awesome.

We handed out copies to many random people. I heard mixed reviews, but mostly positive. To this day, I still think it is one of my personal favorite recordings.  Its different then my other bands. It’s still metal, of course. But these songs were very strange and creative, and I couldn’t even tell what “type” of metal it was supposed to be. The guitar work and timings are very awesome. Believe me we practiced our ass off before these tracks were recorded. I still hear this sometimes and wish I can perfect on it even more.
I took the breakup of this band really hard. I wish the world could have heard our other 6 songs. There weren’t too many other recordings of us sitting around but what was left of us is now finally here, so enjoy!

For more DownSyndrome stuff, check it:


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