Terminal Frost & MoonCandle, and my writings

Hey all,

So sorry to my readers for being so far behind on everything. Like I always say there is a lot going on in my life.
First off, Terminal Frost. We’ve been practicing as usual, and we are tightening down hard on the 5 songs we got. Now all we need is a bass player. We’ve been looking around, and posting ads. A few people got back to us, so we will be auditioning soon. If you or anyone knows a bass player that would be down to play metal, please contact me. We live outside of Philly, so they must be local!

Second, MoonCandle. The demo Tree of Woe from 2015 will be put up on YouTube very soon. I will post it on here when that happens. In other Dave music stuff, my old band DownSyndrome (which I was in from 2011-2014), finally got the demo uploaded to YouTube. So really soon, I will be posting it on here with my own personal review.
Like the 3DMM movies I posted here last year, I will some day soon be doing that on here with my band history.

Speaking of that, I do want to re-post my 3DMM movie history with my cousin/best friend Andrew, and put in some new writing material about the movies.

And the third thing I want to say is my writings. I’ve been involved with this writing contest short story thing, and I’ll be honest… I’ve been experiencing terrible writer’s block for it. I might drop out of the contest because I’ve been very busy with work, and my music. As for other writings I have been working on, they are coming together, but nothing full or complete of course. In the meantime, I do want to post more movie reviews on here, especially when I get through all the Scorsese movie reviews!

Sorry for taking so long. Life is busy. Check back soon my friends.




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