Band reunion/recording soon!

Hello my friends, I am sorry I haven’t been writing on here as much lately. So i will give you the updates.

Terminal Frost is doing great. We are still looking for bass players, but if nothing comes soon, Austin may try switching to bass and we may end up a power trio.
That would be interesting.

For those who don’t know, my cousin Andrew was involved with a lot of the 3DMM movies I made over the years, as well as his own movies. We had a short-lived band together called Imminent Death. We did not last very long, but it was fun and it was over 10 years ago!
Andrew moved out of state, but now he is coming back up to Philly to visit. Since Ryan and I are now doing Terminal Frost, we are thinking a brief reunion with Andrew on vocals and doing a recording would be a fun idea. Austin may also be jamming with us. So a new recording may be in store. I really hope it turns out!!

Meanwhile, MoonCandle is currently on hiatus. A break is very much needed at the moment, but once things come back together again, there will be work on the follow-up to XVIII, which believe me will be really epic. Details about this new album will be happening once its in effect.

Again, sorry for the lack of updates. I also want to mention that I have been planning some new blog entries to keep you all entertained. These will include Martin Scorsese’s filmography reviews, plus there are some nostalgia TV/Movie reviews from my childhood I’ve been writing about. It’s going to be fun. Keep checking back, more stuff will be on here soon!

Dave D. Bauchery


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