What a crazy month its been

Hello my friends,

I have to admit the last few weeks have been very eventful in my music projects. There’s the new recording with Andrew which will be worked on in November when he returns. Meanwhile, Austin moved over to bass for Terminal Frost. Now we are officially a power trio.
Ryan and I had another band practice where it was just us, and we resurrected our old doom metal side project band Autumnal Demise.  Ryan had a new song he wrote called Evisceration of Bliss. We put it together last Thursday and it sounded sick!
Ryan and I got to see the awesomeness that is Prophets of Rage last night. It was epic. But before we got to the show, I was messaged by my friend Will from the band Space Caravan. He was talking about hooking us up with a show in early October at the Rusty Nail! I told Ryan and then he told Austin. We’re all in. Our first show. It’ll be great. I seriously can’t wait.

More updates soon. Horns up my friends!

Dave D. Bauchery


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