Old School Coffin Born

Here is the full demo of Coffin Born – Crush The Lifeless Spawn from 2003

Here is Coffin Born‘s Black Metal EP Heathen Storm from 2002.


Coffin Born‘s fake live album Dead at Gettysburg from 2002



Once again, it’s been crazy times with the current music activities. After getting ahold of the right people, we finally got a show set up for Saturday, October 29! It will be at the Rusty Nail in Ardmore, PA. It will be a Halloween-themed show, so it should be a fun time. I am very stoked. Terminal Frost has been practicing the set list nonstop. I am looking very forward to this opportunity.

Meanwhile, I am not going to lie, I’ve taken a break from MoonCandle and my other remastering projects. I’ve also taken a break from my movie reviews. Right now, I am solely concentrated on Terminal Frost. But very soon my friends, more will be happening on this blog, so like I always tell you readers, keep checking back!

Dave D. Bauchery