Hey All,

Well I guess I lied to all of you last year saying there would be a ton of more posts. I guess there really wasn’t. I wanted to put more movie and music reviews up but never really got around to doing it.
In 2017, I definitely want to contribute more here to Oblivion’s Realm. It’s unfair I leave you readers in the dust like this.

I gotta say I had a great time in 2016. I was free from the chains of my consequences of 2014 and 2015. It was the biggest relief in my life. Now I am focusing on my music life more than ever before.

Some High Points from 2016:
– Got a new car and got XM radio, Howard Stern returning to my life was a very good thing. Something I mentally need for all the driving around I do.
– My new band, TERMINAL FROST. Establishing ourselves and being able to play a show
– With that, my drumming getting waaay sicker than ever.
– Seeing Suicidal Tendencies/ Megadeth in Bethlehem, PA
– Seeing Prophets of Rage in Camden, NJ
– Seeing Opeth in NYC
– My work on MoonCandle, resulting in the release of:
MoonCandle: XVIII
MoonCandle: A Very Heavy Holiday
– Finally getting a lot of my music on YouTube and other sites
– My visit to the Tattoo Convention in Philly. What a great time.
I got the SGT D tattoo and met Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma people !!
– Watching Witchfinder General at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville
– Flea Market Vending

There were certainly some low points as well, which I’m not too happy to share. So i’ll only share a few.
–  I had a really shitty eye infection that took forever to get rid of.
– I discovered my cymbals were pawned before picking up my drum set…
– Austin quitting Terminal Frost

There were some more but they’re too personal. Well anyway, I hope 2017 turns out great. I want to post more stuff, and keep my audience interested.

See you next year!

Dave D. Bauchery/DM Dave/Dave Smith


A TON of updates

Hello my friends,

A lot has happened since the last time I even posted anything on here.  But before we get into the details of that, I wanted to tell you all that I finally got a brand new computer after years of neglect and not caring about the latest technology. So things will be a lot more convenient for me when it comes to my music and online work now!

First off– Terminal Frost news.
The show turned out great. Yes, it was our first show, and it was at a very small place with a small audience, but you know what? That’s how a lot of bands start, and I had a very fun time, despite a few tech difficulties (the sound guy wasn’t doing a good job).


Definitely was a good time and I am looking forward to future shows, however not long after the show, our bassist Austin announced his departure from Terminal Frost. I was very bummed out, but he explained to us why, and it made a lot of sense. So not all is lost. Ryan and I talked about Terminal Frost going on hiatus until we find a new bassist. We will be auditioning people (if interested, please message me right away!). In the meantime we are going to work on a cover band side project. There is no name for it yet, but we want to cover some classic rock songs and a few 90s songs. We will make them our own style with a heavy edge to them. And they are not going to be typical cover songs that typical cover bands do.

Well, while that is happening I’ve been working hardcore on the new MoonCandle. It will be called A Very Heavy Holiday, and I am hoping we can get it done and released this holiday season. The time is getting closer, so we have to either get it done soon or let it sit till next year around the holidays. Otherwise, there will be work on the follow-up album to XVIII for 2017.

Coffin Born news —
I finally got the “greatest hits” album Violation of the Dead from 2009 up on YouTube! You can check it here.

There will also be a new album from the band Estrogenocide being released very soon from what I am told, and you know they’re brutal. Their greatest hits “The Art of Chauvinism” is finally up on YouTube after sitting in the underground for some years. They haven’t had a new album in 10 years. So this new album ought to be interesting.

I’ve also been working on my writings, and trying my hardest to get the Martin Scorsese reviews up.
Sorry for taking so long to update, so much has been going on, and this is a very, very busy time of year as you all know. Please check back again soon, I will try to keep this up more!

Dave D. Bauchery