Hey All,

Well I guess I lied to all of you last year saying there would be a ton of more posts. I guess there really wasn’t. I wanted to put more movie and music reviews up but never really got around to doing it.
In 2017, I definitely want to contribute more here to Oblivion’s Realm. It’s unfair I leave you readers in the dust like this.

I gotta say I had a great time in 2016. I was free from the chains of my consequences of 2014 and 2015. It was the biggest relief in my life. Now I am focusing on my music life more than ever before.

Some High Points from 2016:
– Got a new car and got XM radio, Howard Stern returning to my life was a very good thing. Something I mentally need for all the driving around I do.
– My new band, TERMINAL FROST. Establishing ourselves and being able to play a show
– With that, my drumming getting waaay sicker than ever.
– Seeing Suicidal Tendencies/ Megadeth in Bethlehem, PA
– Seeing Prophets of Rage in Camden, NJ
– Seeing Opeth in NYC
– My work on MoonCandle, resulting in the release of:
MoonCandle: XVIII
MoonCandle: A Very Heavy Holiday
– Finally getting a lot of my music on YouTube and other sites
– My visit to the Tattoo Convention in Philly. What a great time.
I got the SGT D tattoo and met Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma people !!
– Watching Witchfinder General at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville
– Flea Market Vending

There were certainly some low points as well, which I’m not too happy to share. So i’ll only share a few.
–  I had a really shitty eye infection that took forever to get rid of.
– I discovered my cymbals were pawned before picking up my drum set…
– Austin quitting Terminal Frost

There were some more but they’re too personal. Well anyway, I hope 2017 turns out great. I want to post more stuff, and keep my audience interested.

See you next year!

Dave D. Bauchery/DM Dave/Dave Smith


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