First show with Scars Like These

As you all know, my first show with Scars Like These was last Friday, Feb 24. We were one of about 5 bands that opened up for Michale Graves at Bar XIII in Wilmington, DE.
We were the third band to go on, and the first to get the crowd moving. For learning 7 songs in a week, I gotta give myself credit, I really pulled it off. I kept it as simple as I could. Sure, there were some mistakes, but hardly noticeable. This is probably the largest crowd I’ve performed in front of — approximately 150 people in and out of the bar.
After we played, we got to meet Michale Graves himself, and he told us we rocked. I received a lot of compliments as well for my drumming.

There were some videos filmed on smartphones from friends of ours, but unfortunately you can only see the videos on Facebook if you’re on a “tagged friends”. Oh well. Add me if you can — Dave Debauchery Facebook Page
So all in all, it was a great night, and I look forward to the next band practice which is today!
I’ll let you know what happens next 🙂

Dave D. Bauchery