Scars Like These June 5th Show

I knew I’d be late on this… but it turned out great. Check out these pics


Live on stage with Erica singing


At the bar

So we did our covers and such. I thought the show was great despite people leaving towards the end. Now we are on a break until July 8 when we The Tusk on South St. again. In the meanwhile on this break, we’ve been working on new material, and I gotta tell ya, it’s sounding great.

To be continued.



Scars at the Tusk, and Scars Tonight

Of course I fucked up and couldn’t find enough time to put my review of the Scars Like These show at the Tusk.
Well here it is:
We got to Wooly Mammoth’s on South St. and let me tell you, it has been awhile since I’ve been to South Street. I forgot it was almost the equivalent of NYC’s 42nd St. in its heyday.
But yea, interesting show. Not as much equipment to bring like last time, which was nice. But we had to go up and down the steps many, many times (The Tusk is upstairs at Wooly Mammoth’s).
The other bands playing seemed heavier and more in the vein of metal – my kinda crowd. Still, not a lot of people but I will tell you the bar setting was really nice, and there were couches around and a decent stage if you want to call it a stage.
Despite the small crowd and the last minute decision of covering “The Cro-Mags – We Gotta Know” again, we got to debut our new song, “S.L.T.”.
The response was great. We got a couple people dancing to it. That made me feel good.¬†Unfortunately, I don’t think any pictures were taken, but there were some video clips filmed that I still haven’t seen yet.

Okay, so tonight marks the 5th show with this band. It’s at RP McMurphy’s on MacDade Blvd, which isn’t far from where I live. It’s a Sunday night, but we’ll see what happens. Its a benefit show we are doing for a friend who will be joining us on stage later in the show. This will be very interesting.

Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. Its been very busy, but after this show there won’t be another one for a while. This will give me time to write more blog entries for the future. I got a lot of movies I want to review.
Keep checking.

D. Debauchery