SLT in Bensalem tomorrow

Hello my friends,

Scars Like These has a show tomorrow night in Bensalem, PA. I’ve actually never been up there. It’s also a far drive from where we are coming from. However, it should be a good time. We are playing with those guys Old Fezziwig, who were the main band when Terminal Frost did its one and only show. I bet the guy might remember me, and be all surprised to see me in Scars, haha. We will see. I’m definitely stoked. I like when we do shows on Saturday nights. Even better, I don’t even need to bring my kit except maybe a part or two.
What’s also odd is that between this show coming up and the last one, we haven’t practiced at all. But we fucking killed it the last 2 shows, and I am disappointed in not coming across any pictures or footage! Well except these pics with Frank from LowBrau Bastards, but where am I? D’oh!

So anyway, it’ll be fun. I’ll be putting more stuff up soon.

Dave D.


Updates July

Hello friends,

I didn’t really get around to posting about the July 8 and July 14 Scars Like These shows, but that will be up soon.

Also, the Scorsese movie reviews are still happening. I made it up to Last Temptation of Christ and its still a lot to write.
I also plan to write an In Memoriam for the great George Romero RIP. I feel bad that I didn’t get around to doing it for Bill Paxton. But ya never know! I’ve been trying very hard to get back into writing. It hasn’t been easy with work and the band. I always wind up apologizing to my own blog!

Well anyways, that’s going on and my 32nd birthday coming up. Damn I feel old.

More posts soon my friends!!

Dave D.

Scars back at The Tusk tonight

Hello friends,

Finally another show. We are going back to The Tusk on South Street again tonight. This time we are playing first and not last. The weeks prior to tonight’s show have been very rough. We’ll see what happens!
After this show, we got a show back at Bar XIII in Wilmington, DE where my first show was. Can’t wait.
More posts to follow. 🙂

Dave D.