Hey friends,

Again like I always say, sorry for the slow updating. Life can be really busy sometimes. But it’s the end of the year so I should say something.
It was a year that had a lot of ups and downs (probably more downs), but it almost balances out as an okay year. This is for me of course, not for others who may have gone through way more hardships.
Well, the biggest highlight for me was auditioning and being hired into the band Scars Like These. This was big for me because prior to that I had only been in bands that never really got around to playing shows regularly. So this was my first year of playing shows regularly and I gotta say its a lot of fun. That was the big part of the year for me.
Nothing is peaches and cream of course. On the darker side of this year, I had lost some people who were very close to me. Now, and probably for the rest of my life, it will affect me.
There was a lot more to this year that I didn’t mention because it’s a little too personal, but I can pretty much sum it up as an okay year, just not great as how I felt about 2016.
As for Oblivion’s Realm 2018, I will continue to post reviews and Scars Like These updates. I hope for a new MoonCandle release, and a lot more movie reviews here.
My original 2018 plan was to post something every day, but I may save that for 2019.

Have a great rest of the year, my friends !

Death Metal Dave Debauchery Smith



Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)


Starring: Kimberly Beck, Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover, Ted White

What can I say about the fourth and “last” installment? Well its definitely, without a doubt, an essential Friday the 13th film. It has it all. Hot girls, gruesome deaths, a little bit of comedy, and a lot of suspense.
It starts with a great opening montage in case you missed the first 3. We find Jason’s corpse back at the Higgins Haven barn. That means the dream Chris had at the end of Part 3 didn’t happen.
We find ourselves at the Crystal Lake “Wessex County Hospital morgue”. The idiot in charge is Axl (hilariously played by actor Bruce Mahler who appeared in many Police Academy films). Of course he is very negligent and just wants to get laid with the night nurse. Come to think of it, I probably would too, but handling Jason Voorhees you better  be careful.


The big highlight of this movie for me is the return of my favorite gore master Tom Savini. Our first kill with Axl is the perfect example.

After Jason escapes the hospital, we are back to the usual formula. First we see a family that happens to live deep in the woods of Crystal Lake. There’s a mom, a sister Trish, and the younger brother Tommy. This is the first sequel in which we are introduced to the character Tommy Jarvis, a recurring character played in this one by a 12 year-old Corey Feldman. I was about the same age at the time so this would mark the first time I watched a Friday movie that I could actually relate to one of the characters.


A group of teenagers move next door next to the family.  Crispin Glover plays one of the guys in the group of teens, and if you don’t know who that is… he is known for playing Michael J. Fox’s dad, George McFly, in Back to the Future. Before Corey and Crispin went on to better things, they were in this great Friday the 13th movie.
Crispin plays Jimbo, a guy who is seriously desperate to get laid. His friend Ted keeps making fun of him and calling him a dead fuck. There’s a funny scene where Jimbo does a ridiculous dance to the band Lion.

Unlike Part 3, we see a lot more nudity. No complaints here. There’s a funny scene in which young Tommy sees a hot girl stripping nude in front of the window. This also the one with the twin girls (who I personally thought were the hottest chicks I’ve seen in the series besides Megan in Part 6).  Tommy sees them skinny dipping and the look on his face is priceless.

As usual there are more awesome and intense kills that ensue. Some of my favorite kills include poor Jimbo’s death. “Ted, where’s that corkscrew?”  Also, the cheater Paulie getting it in the balls was really brutal. I didn’t expect it at first and was like damn!

I have to admit Ted White, who didn’t want recognition for the part, played the perfect Jason. Many could disagree with me on that, but I really dug Joseph Zito‘s F13 direction style as well. He didn’t pull any punches. My only real complaints were the music Paulie the cheater puts on ( aye… too old even for me). Also, the long buildup to the offscreen kill of the Mom. Maybe that was done intentionally for the suspense, who knows.
Speaking of intentionally doing things… the title. That is my only other complaint, albeit a minor one. Usually I don’t like the scenes where Jason chases the last person around, but in this one I don’t mind as much. Jason’s death at the end IS brutal. It’s worth to see how it all goes down.

I hate when I tell people Part 4 is one of my favorites, and they go which one is that? The Final Chapter title always throws people off. A year later the title meant nothing, but they kept it anyway.

Overall, awesome sequel. Definitely a good time, and one of my top favorite Jasons.


Axl likes softcore aerobic porn. I notice movies around this time in the 80s have a lot of aerobic exercise videos.
We briefly get a glimpse at Pamela Voorhees’ grave. It says she died in 1979.
“I got my reputation in 6th grade.” Whooaa dude. I remember the first time I heard the hot girl say that I wondered what all that meant.
Whats up with Trish and the Rob guy being so bossy with Tommy like he has to do all the work? He’s 12 !

Show cancelled

Hello friends/fans,
Due to the weather yesterday, Scars Like These couldn’t make it out to Philly. It was really bad, I almost got into a car accident driving yesterday, and that was BEFORE getting ready to go to Tom’s place (the typical band meetup spot). The temp was basically 23 degrees and wasn’t increasing. Chris, our bassist, was trapped in gridlocked, bumper-to-bumper traffic. One of the bands’ vehicles broke down and they were well over 5 hours away. This show was the middle of their tour schedule. Tom’s neighborhood hadn’t even been plowed. It would’ve been ridiculous, and who would even be there to see a show in the middle of a storm?
Anyway, that would’ve been the last show with Chris. After he got out of traffic, he went to Tom’s, grabbed his bass and amp and left. That’s it. Now we have to find a new bassist to audition/join up. This could be a while. I bet we’ll be a 3-piece temporarily, time permitting. We just need to finish the vocal parts. After that it’s the mixing/mastering that, according to Tom, will probably be 1-2 days hanging out being obsessively attentive to all the sounds and changes. Then we have to make the changes necessary until we are satisfied.
Me, I’m personally very excited. This is my debut recording with them as the drummer, so it will be a very big thing for me.  Early 2018 seems to be the goal for the release, so it’ll start the year off fresh. I can only imagine the great times that will follow. I just hope the new bass player is someone who can work well with us in all aspects.
Well anyway, enough babbling. I never did get around to talking about the late show we did, which coincidentally was our actual last show with Chris on bass, and the last of the year. The Red Stallion was interesting because you could smoke inside the bar. We were pretty far out from our usual gig locations. But nonetheless we sounded really good on stage. By that I mean the sound system was incredible.  Unfortunately I don’t think I played my best because I attempted backup vocals, and because I am still new to it, it threw off my playing. I have to get better at this. In the meantime, I might not do that again for awhile.  Our friend Shawn, the drummer of Old Fezziwig, who actually lives down the street, showed up before we went on and filmed us.  We may never see the footage. We were able to get a few funny pics taken, too.


Well anyway, will update more soon. See ya friends!


December Updates

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I was finishing my Friday the 13th Part 4 review but got distracted by a million things going on in life. The movie review will be up soon.

Meanwhile, Scars Like These last show of the year is on Friday, December 15 at the Kung Fu Necktie in Philly. This will also be the last show with our bass player Chris. It should be an interesting one. Any bass players interested in trying please feel free to contact us.