Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood (1988)


On to Part VII… This to me is the start of the slight downward spiral of the franchise. I will explain that later in the review. This particular sequel does have a significance in the series believe it or not. It’s the first to have Kane Hodder play Jason. He’s not my favorite Jason actor ever ever, but he’s definitely a good one.


It’s also the first and only sequel to this point that doesn’t have Harry Manfredini‘s music heavily involved. Fred Mollin, who did the Friday the 13th TV show series that was put together by the original’s director Sean S. Cunningham (and has nothing directly to do with the Jason movies) brings an interesting, new score but I still love Manfredini’s better.
The opening montage is narrated by none other than Walt Gorney who played Crazy Ralph in the first 2. It’s actually well put together and sets the tone nicely.
It also adds a new part to the timeline with the flashback in the beginning with Tina’s story. Tina is our main protagonist who has telekinetic powers, much like the Stephen King book/movie Carrie.
The flashback in the beginning shows her as a child living in the Crystal Lake area with her parents. Her parents are fighting one night, and by accident her telekinetic powers kill her dad and he drowns in the lake. That’s the new twist for this sequel, a chick with telekinetic powers vs. Jason. When I first saw it I liked the idea, now I just kind of laugh at how lame it is to add to the Friday series.  Well anyway, back to the story…
Since then, Tina’s been seeing therapists, and we see in the beginning she is on her way, with her mom, to see Dr. Crews (played amazingly by Bernie himself, Terry Kiser!). He definitely plays a great asshole doctor who’s more interested in Tina being exploited instead of helping her. I am sure there is money in it for him somewhere, that scheming bastard. Tina, played by Lar Park Lincoln, is super cute. Next door there are a group of teens of course at a summer house. Hmmm, sounds all too familiar. Right away she is the subject of ridicule, but Nick seems like a nice guy.

One night after a not-so-well moment at the neighbors’ party, she starts to freak out, and tries with her powers to bring her pop back. Instead, Jason who’s been down there since the end of Part 6, comes up instead. Here we go.
I have to admit the makeup effects for Jason look fucking great. However, a part of me thinks a large part of the budget was spent more on that then the killings. I’ll explain further. Jason’s first victims are a few people nearby including Michael, the brother of Nick who’s supposed to be the whole reason for the teens having the house party.

So she wakes up and of course Dr. Crews thinks she’s nuts and needs to be committed. Tina and her mom freak out. Tina runs away, with the mom and Dr. Crews looking for her.

Meanwhile, this gives Jason plenty of time to kill.  One of my favorite deaths early in the movie is the sleeping bag kill. Classic.
One of the hotties is played by Elizabeth Katan, who I absolutely loved in Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. Of course she doesn’t last long here. She does, however bang a stoner dude named David. How cool. Of course, he gets killed, too. I have to admit the one-by-one style in this is well done, but the graphic-ness of the kills seems missing, even more so than Part 6! That’s my only big complaint, seriously.


I’ve called this the beginning of the cheesy era of Jason.  Not that the last one was any less cheesier, you could also call it Extra Cheesy Era of Jason. Even the Jason Ninja-style phenomena makes an appearance in this. That’s when Jason’s there, then he’s gone, and he’s suddenly in another spot that’s almost impossible to have gotten to in a short amount of time. Or maybe he’s part warlock besides just being zombie?
Once everyone is killed off, it’s a big face off between Jason and Tina. I do admit its way more entertaining towards the end with telekinetic powers vs Jason rather than the typical chase the virgin girl around for 20 minutes before the ending.


But that’s the thing that also is a letdown for me in this sequel, the ending. The house explosion (with Jason in it), he comes back out like a ninja, hardly burned at all, and then Tina’s dad popping out of the dock, strangling JV and taking him back down to his watery grave. Seriously what the hell. No kidding. They really did run out of ideas!

Like I stated previously, at first I liked the new twist with the ESP/Telekinetic stuff, but not so much now.  Also like I said, it’s even less gorier than Part VI and it was directed by a makeup Fx guy!! It may have been because of the PMRC era, cutting the gore out as much as possible. The other reason possibly being too much of the budget going into the telekinetic effects and Jason’s makeup.



I already made a lot during this review, but I have more:

Jason’s grave exploding in the opening montage… I think that’s in a trailer somewhere but its here as if it were part of the series.

Nick hung out with a “bad crowd”. Good thing he learned a thing or two from it!

What’s up with the names of the characters using their full names? Like Michael and David. So square. Who wrote this script? This happens again in Jason Goes To Hell.

A lot of Jason face at the end.


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