Updates May 2019

Hello friends/readers,

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog in awhile. It’s been very busy lately in my personal life, and I need to cut back on some things. One of them is gonna be updating this blog with all my achievements of the last 20 years. As of now, I won’t be posting any of that. In fact I will be deleting old posts going back to January that were a part of that. It’s too much work and I really don’t have time to reflect on all that. If you’re really wanting to know all these achievements, you can find them on your own – My YouTube page, Facebook, the bands I’ve been in and are currently in. It’s not too hard a struggle, especially if you already know me in real life 🙂

The Scars Like These show in Phoenixville last month went great. A vid will be up here with that soon, along with the March show we did at Bar XIII. The next Scars show will be at the Rusty Nail on May 11. More details later for sure!  Keep checking back.




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