The 3DMM Playlist

Here it is in order from 1999 to 2006. All of Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy’s 3dmm movies.


3DMM DVD Vol. 1

Thanks to a very good friend of mine, my early 3DMM movies from 1999 are on DVD for the first time.  I officially call it The 3DMM Movies of Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy, Volume 1. According to him, it was a long process. I never thought in a million years I would see the day. Thank you, Zach!
Here’s a temporary front cover of the DVD I made.


Copies of this DVD will only be made upon request until further notice. There will be approximately 5 or more volumes in the near future if this continues.

3D Movie Maker – Conclusion piece

I had wanted to make Gargle Man remake into a movie (and it would’ve been amazing by the way). Time had passed fast, and next thing you know it was 2007. No progress. And then it was 2008, and it was definitely a completely dead scene for me. There was also an idea I had about a group of satanic terrorists burning down a church. I had another movie script that Ben Fortier wrote called Mandatory Suicide that I attempted to make. I was only able to accomplish one scene into the movie. I even had a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5 project that never got done.
It was really all just fun and games with 3D Movie Maker. It got me through middle school and high school, and even half of my college years. Looking back, there are some embarrassing moments like “what the hell was I thinking? What a stupid movie!” and then there are moments where I’m thinking this is fucking brilliant and I wish it was a real movie. But now in a way, they are. They’re here now online, and now people will see them.
They definitely aren’t the best movies ever, but they sure are entertaining, and that was why I made them in the first place!

Small Update – I recently had put together the sound pieces for the Gargle Man 2007 remake, with some updated 2015-recorded voices. The whole sound is about 18 minutes long. It’s got a soundtrack, 3DMM sound effects, the works! It will be uploaded on YouTube one of these days, and possibly with added animation by Jeremy Dick.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested in hearing it. It’s literally an audio-only 3DMM movie.

Emo Kids

Emo Kids
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: June 8, 2006
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Chelsea Smith, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith


For my last film (which wasn’t planned to be my last one), I decided to go back to the comedy style of Wiggers, and explore another high school stereotype. I had been out of high school for 2 years at this point, but my sister was in school and I was well aware of this mid-2000s trend. She switched her music of choice from Emo to Metal at this point in her life, so she wanted really badly to express the stupidity of these trendy kids.
So together, Chelsea and I made the script. The story was about a high school outcast filled with bad luck named Adam Apple. He just broke up with his middle school girlfriend, and hangs out with a new group of friends that introduce him into the emo lifestyle. Adam finally thinks he’s fitting in with the right crowd, but his luck goes down the drain even more.
We got Andrew and Jeremy in on the voices, and Chelsea got to do all the female voices. The script was absolutely hilarious, so it had to be done. I worked on it the best I could, even putting in scenes from the Expansion pack. I felt it was a little long in the end, but it flowed nicely and the comedy was great. The 3 different endings were a little dumb, but it still worked for me.
I knew this was going to get slammed when I released it, but it got mixed reviews. Some found it funny, others said there was too much gayness going on, and others just thought it was a bad movie. I just laughed it off because I had a lot of fun making the movie, and it actually brought me and my sister closer because she helped me out a lot with making it. She definitely had to with the musical selection part, even though some of the band choices weren’t “true Emo”. But then again, none of the musical selection in Wiggers was “true Rap” anyway. It just goes with the whole poseur scene.
Sadly, this was my final feature in 3DMM. I couldn’t go on after this. Andrew lost interest, other than to do voices for movies, even though we had a couple great ideas for other movies. Jeremy and I were going to make a Gargle Man remake that was 100x funnier than the original. We had wrote a script and everything, too! But sadly, Jeremy’s life went beyond 3DMM, as mine did as well. There was also a lot of unfinished movies I made, but sadly I knew it was over. If I kept making movies, they would just consistently be shot down just because I am Dave Smith, the king of bad 3DMM movies. I still don’t care. I had a lot of fun making all of these movies, and it was interesting time in my life from when I was 10 years old first purchasing it, 14 years old when I started making movies for the 3DMM online community , and to when I was 20 years old, calling it a day.

Genuardi’s Massacre

Genuardi’s Massacre
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: January 17, 2006
Voice Cast: Andrew Murphy, Ryan Beagle, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith, Madeline Richardson, Bill Leon


Andrew and I had been talking about this movie for a while, as a joke at first. Andrew was working at a grocery store, and thought it’d be hilarious to have a slasher movie at a grocery store. I haven’t made a slasher in awhile, so I felt the need to go back to my bread and butter. Andrew and I wrote the script together, but he would have no part in directing this. I was in the middle of my 2nd year at college and was still making 3DMM movies. I was 20 years old and did not care. I was still having fun, while everyone else seemed to be fading away from it.
The plot was simple. A psycho killer named Eddie “Machete” Jones escapes a mental institute, and heads toward a grocery store, killing off the employees one by one. The boss gets pissed and thinks somehow Andrew is behind it. The ending is brutal and everyone pretty much dies.


Ryan was actually down to do voices, as was Jeremy, and Bill Leon (known as “Klaymen” in the 3DMM community). I couldn’t get a female to do voices for the movie. It was getting rough these days, so I had to get my friend Madeline to do them and she could only do it over the speakerphone. So that part of the movie seems a little strange to viewers. I got to use some new 3DMM props and scenes from the Expansion pack to make the movie a little more interesting. I definitely did a great job with the kills, and even the suspense to a degree, despite how B-rated it all was. I love the bloody ending, and felt the movie works as one of my better slashers.
Once released, the typical bullshit reviews occurred, which was totally expected. But again, I did not care one bit. I don’t think many saw it either, because again my name was fading fast.

UPDATE – Sadly this movie was deleted/blocked on YouTube because of the use of Pink Floyd and Chicago songs, plus a couple others. So the audio had to be edited for all of you to view. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the best the movie is going to look.

A Night at Spike’s House

A Night at Spike’s House
Directed by Dave Smith
Completed on July 11, 2005
Released: August 17, 2005
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Ryan Beagle, Chelsea Smith


I wanted to make a new movie right after Darkness Within 3. It was the summer between semesters, so I had some time. I was in a new band with this dude Ryan, and we made a funny skit on my computer about a bunch of frat boys having too much fun partying, and in the end they turn gay. One of them is a homophobe and freaks out, while the other two think it’s great. I think the online video called Bro Rape, that was popular at the time, was the big inspiration for it. Ah, sexual orientation confusion – always a good source for comedy.

It was a really short movie, but very hilarious and everything wrong all at the same time. I think I did go over-the-top with the gayness, but it was too funny. Most people in today’s politically correct world will hate me for it, but I really don’t care. I still find it hilarious. I don’t know why I even entered this into the 3DMM contest, but it got shot down really hard. This was an extreme flop for me.

The Darkness Within 3

The Darkness Within 3
Directed by Dave Smith
Released: May 6, 2005
Voice Cast: Nic Bear, Andrew Murphy, Ben Fortier, Jessica Campbell, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith, Chelsea Smith


After the release of Necro Night, I wanted to go back one more time into the 3DMM Noir world. I decided to make Darkness Within a trilogy. If I was to continue the Darkness Within series, I had better come up with something good. Then it hit me.
I decided to bring in a new character, a troubled man named John Cassidy. He, like Andrew in the first movie, has haunting dreams that lead to murder. Also like Andrew, his relationship with his girlfriend Bree is failing and she runs off to her old boyfriend, Mike. Meanwhile, the cops are starting to think that Cassidy is the killer. He is arrested for a murder, and there is a huge shootout at a police station. In the end, he finds the true killer.
Once again, like the other 2 films, I applied drama and action in the necessary parts. I also didn’t make the ending stupid and rushed, even though it was part of my criticism. I liked my choice of casting, my usual crew of 3DMM friends, with the exception of Nic Bear, doing the voice of John Cassidy. I wanted a different voice actor for the lead this time, and I felt he did a very good job!
Upon release, not many downloaded it to see it, I guess because my name was starting to fade. This was because the 3DMM Expansion Pack brought on new types of 3DMM movies that go beyond the normal movies with handmade scenes that I was making. Although I used new parts from the Expansion pack in this movie, I still feel I didn’t to go above and beyond. You can tell I used scenes from other movies I made, including The Death of BR.
The reviews were mixed ranging from good to average. Some people criticized the ending felt rushed (I disagree), and others said it wasn’t as exciting as the originals. But I was so far from caring at this point. I just wanted to keep the Dave Smith entertainment rolling.

Necro Night

Necro Night
Directed by Dave Smith & Jeremy Dick
Completed on December 31, 2004
Released: January 5, 2005
Voice Cast: Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith

Nick Crushem: Zombie Hunter

Nick Crushem: Zombie Hunter

After Jake had been released, I had started going to community college not long after. Andrew and I worked on finishing Man on the Edge, while Jeremy and I came up with a new movie. We wanted to enter the Halloween 3DMM movie contest. I brought forth to Jeremy my old movie from 1999 called The Offspring. Obviously he couldn’t see it because of the computer crash, but I told him the story, and wrote out a new movie.
With Jeremy Dick’s help, the movie worked and was re-named Necro Night. It would be a zombie movie, which was something I definitely needed to make before my 3DMM days came to an end.
The plot is about 2 dumb kids that resurrect zombies out of the backyard cemetery of a zombie hunter named Nick Crushem. The zombies begin to take over town, and Nick hunts them down. He takes a few survivors back with him for a place to stay, until most of them are killed and he is killed himself. All that’s left is the one guy John who becomes to the new king zombie hunter. The ending is a massacre, until… well, you’ll see.


Unfortunately, this didn’t get done in time for the Halloween contest because both of our schedules were a bit off, and we weren’t finished. Around the time we finished up, Dimebag Darrell, one of my metal heroes, had died. So we dedicated the movie to him and made a Pantera-dominated soundtrack. Why not? It is a brutally violent zombie film after all!
There are a lot of comical scenes and it worked perfectly. We both tried a new technique with the handmade scenes combined with default 3DMM scenes. It I thought it looked neat. Also this was the first movie I used with the 3DMM expansion pack add-ons.
This was extremely entertaining. Almost everything about it is flawless except I felt it ended too fast and it seemed short. But nonetheless, it was quite an enjoyable experience making it. We finished it on the last day of the year, but didn’t get released until a bit later because I think it entered the next contest. I didn’t care if people didn’t like it, it was still great. Watch out for the secret ending!
Sadly, this was Jeremy and I’s last movie together. We had a sequel idea in mind, but it never happened.

Man On The Edge

Man on the Edge
Directed by Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy
Released: November 13, 2004
Voice Cast: Dave Smith, Andrew Murphy, Barb Smith, Chelsea Smith


The idea of this movie started after Simulated Evil. It has a similar premise with the beginning of Simulated Evil, except instead of returning to regular school, the Andrew character goes to an alternative school. When he gets there, he meets a guy named Dave who is a strange dude.
He tells Andrew that he is in the mafia, could have anyone killed, and wants to be his best friend at the same time, since he really doesn’t have any friends. So he meets Andrew’s other friend, Dave, as well. Both Dave and Andrew start to think Dave is very strange. Not just with the mafia stuff, but thinking he is also very annoying and won’t leave them alone with constant dramatized phone calls. Eventually, Dave tries to hook Andrew and Dave up with some girls and of course, it fails. Andrew mistakenly tells the girl over the phone that Dave’s in the mafia, and he’s not sure if he’s kidding or not.
Next thing you know Dave gets mad and unforgiving at Andrew. While this happens, Andrew hooks up with the girl at his alternative school. An accident happens, and then Dave’s reign of idiocy comes to an end shortly thereafter.
We started this right after Simulated Evil in 2003, and then we couldn’t finish it because we ran out of ideas. By the time I moved, we added a little more to the movie. And then one day, we both threw around ideas of how the movie would turn around and come to an end. manontheedge
I thought that was an interesting movie for us to make, especially with this new character we invented based on someone we knew. However, while it is comical in the beginning, it starts to get annoying and drag a bit in the middle of the movie, and by the time the drama parts kick in, it just gets kind of dumb. We originally thought making a dramatic turn of events would make it interesting. However, it didn’t quite work for the feel of the movie. Also, this film was lazily made, and you can tell by our lack of efforts in the handmade scenes, and already-used handmade scenes from Chris Gleason 2000 and other movies we made before.
I still think the ending is hilarious because it has a not-so-positive message for the end of the film, which will leave some viewers baffled and others laughing. Andrew and I still watch this every now and then for a good laugh. Sadly, this really was the last movie that Andrew and I made together.

Return to Daddy’s House

Return to Daddy’s House
Directed by Spencer Crabb, Jeremy Dick, & Dave Smith
Released: August 30, 2004
Voice Cast: Spencer Crabb, Jeremy Dick, Dave Smith

While I was working on the movie Jake, Jeremy Dick and Spencer Crabb were taking turns on this really messed up movie called Daddy’s House. They started a sequel to it, and Jeremy asked me if I wanted in on it. I said ah what the hell and went with it.
This movie is definitely a disturbing comedy, with a lot of messed up everything. It is extremely politically incorrect, and wrong to the fullest. I knew this making the movie, and I remember the scenes I put in were fucked up to the max. Well hopefully no one takes it seriously and sees just a funny movie, which was the whole idea anyway. Is it wrong that I laugh hysterically every time I watch this?

The Original Daddy’s House can be seen here: