First SLT show of 2019 tonight!

I am very excited. If any pictures or videos come out of this, they will be posted in a followup blog.

Check back soon!




Last entry of 2018

As you know, I’ve already posted my thoughts on the 2018 year. Now in less than a day 2019 will be here. I plan on a lot of posts covering the last 20 years of my life’s art to the world. Most of them will either be music I made, shows I’ve played, and the short animated movies I made back in my younger years. I didn’t realize I did so much. But I definitely did. 1999 still doesn’t feel like 20 years ago to me, but a lot has happened since.
This is part of my trying to stay positive – looking back at my achievements. The best part is the new ones that will follow.  There’s still a lot of years to go yet. I’m only 33.




Like last year it was another year of ups and downs. Maybe a little more downs than 2017, but certainly not the worst year of my life.
I’ll be honest and say I’ve felt more depression this year than any other year so far. I lost a lot of  close people, even more than last year. Its not easy to cope with. It has affected my mood quite a lot. I’ve really been trying hard to stay strong and keep going. It is very important to cut out the negativity surrounding me, and focus more on the positive.
My plan for 2019 on Oblivion’s Realm it i to do a lot more posts. Throughout 2019 I want to post/re-post my “art” of the last 20 years.  The last 20 years of my life (going back to 1999),  there’s been animated short movies, and of course my strange discography of various bands.  Get ready for it.

Also I will keep you all posted Scars Like These, and whatever other projects I will be working on.  So long 2018
Have a happy new year fellow readers!


Some updates…

Hello friends, Sorry I was away for awhile, I got sick right before Thanksgiving, ended up playing the Scars Like These show the night before, which I will post up very soon. I am way better now. Last night we did our last show for the year at Bar XIII in Wilmington, DE. We will be recording the new LP in the next few months or so. It’ll be awesome. Hard to believe we recorded the Defiled EP a year ago already!
Check back soon for videos!

Dave D.

Between Jason Goes to Hell & Jason X

There was a very long wait between Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. And a lot happened in between 1993 and 2002 in my life anyway going from kid to teenager! I saw the entire series that was available on video at the time (Parts 1-9) roughly from about 1996 to 1997. In 1997-1998, when first going on the internet as a 12 year old, I looked up everything Friday the 13th that I could that was available online.

My cousin Andrew had the internet at his house before me, so he did the first search for Jason. Of course the first thing that pops up is “Friday the 13th: Jason Fucks You To Death!” Probably the first porn site our 11 and 12 yr old virgin eyes ever saw. Gotta love the late 90s internet. It had everything out in the open. Those seriously were the days.


Anyways, it was the greatest discovery coming across “The Coroner Report” that had a list of every Friday the 13th kill in exact order, how they were killed, and who killed them. The deaths were extremely inspiring for my slasher movie ideas on 3D Movie Maker.  I remember going to every Halloween store I could just to see what kind of Jason masks they would have. They would always have a JGTH one that was super ridiculous and over-the-top looking. But since I couldn’t afford that on my allowance money, I would get the hockey mask by itself. Sometimes I’d wear it just for the hell of it, stand in the woods and stare at things and make heavy breathing sounds. I was
a weird kid, but these movies really were my life at that time. I wasn’t playing video games like every other kid my age. It was horror movies and making cheesy horror movies on 3D Movie Maker, or else! Once metal music entered the picture later, my slasher nerdiness began to chill a bit. But I still remember all the best ones from the video stores. I always thought it was a huge thrill looking at the VHS boxes – the front and back covers. I seriously miss all of that. These 2000s-born kids don’t know what they were missing.


The wait for the next Jason movie took forever. I remember my early chat room/message board days on (way before it was . That was all the fans would talk about. The big rumors were Freddy Vs. Jason before there was ever a Jason X.  I remember one of my online friends at the time started his very own script and I for real thought he had the best one!! Dig this — It brought back the Tommy Jarvis character, and Nancy from Nightmare!  Could you imagine Robert Englund, Kane Hodder plus Thom Matthews and Heather Langenkamp in an epic slasher coming out in the year 1999/2000? That was my vision as an excited 13 year-old mega slasher fan.


I also remember at the time, slashers were changing their style. Andrew and I HATED (and I do mean hated) the Scream movies, and the movies that took after/followed them. It was a new type of “slasher” that we didn’t like, it was all different.  If you’ve read my Wes Craven you would understand. When Scary Movie came out in 2000 making fun of all those movies, Andrew and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was the exact comedy we needed to see to explain to people who didn’t understand why we didn’t like those “scary” movies. We hated that they were called that and missed the term “Horror”.  We dubbed those movies Trendy Horror. But like Nu-Metal, it was short-lived.  Sadly Wes Craven, who I still think is a horror master was responsible for that trend because he worked with Kevin Williamson who did all those other bad movies too. I look back at that era and I guess they’re “okay” movies now. Nowhere near the cheese I enjoyed from Jason, Michael, Freddy, Chucky, Leatherface, Pinhead, etc. etc.


By 2002, Andrew and I had watched most of the essential slashers, and whatever weird movies we would come across at the video store. We totally ripped off all of them in our early 3DMM movies. Suddenly before Freddy Vs. Jason, there’s an announcement about Jason X. It was filmed already but awaiting release. It felt abrupt, like almost 10 years after JGTH, really? But it was very exciting. A new Jason movie, FINALLY! And he’s in space. Even better. Ha  Jason X review coming soon !