Movie Reviews on their way

Hello friends,

The original reason I made this blog site was for the purpose of putting together something that wasn’t Facebook — something that was more me, more personal whether people read it or not. Most of the postings on this blog as of late have been about the band I am in, Scars Like These. This blog was intended to be more than just about my band. I also have MoonCandle, as well as my previous bands Coffin Born, Terminal Frost, etc. I also made animated movies on 3D Movie Maker years ago. In recent years, they were uploaded onto YouTube and that was part of my inspiration to make this page. I wanted to share all of my art that has been unseen to most of the world.

I also write because I think it is something that I am good at. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to keep up with. To get back into the practice of writing regularly, I always feel writing a movie review is very helpful. Since I’ve opened this blog site, I’ve only had a few movie review entries. I don’t think it is enough. I need to post more. I got really in-depth reviews on Martin Scorsese films that I started after the Taxi Driver anniversary and have not yet finished. I have also planned a George Romero and Tobe Hooper In Memoriam. I even want to write something about Bill Paxton, but seriously with time going by faster and faster, it just continues to get difficult.

To get past all this and just start writing regularly again, I needed something I could write about with ease. On Friday Oct the 13th last week it hit me. My friend at work and I were talking about our favorite Friday the 13th movies… well shit damn! I own them all and haven’t watched them in years, so I popped them in when I got home from work. Friday afternoon till early Monday morning right before work… I finished all 12 films. Crazy, right? I must have no life.


It was worth it.  I love all those movies even if there were some bad ones. It definitely made my weekend. It just felt right with Halloween getting closer and all.
So here it is everybody, get ready for it.  The next post onward (if not band-related) will be all the Friday movies reviewed in order.

Okay folks, check back very soon 🙂

Dave DebauChh- Chhery


Seriously wish I had all these!



SLT @ The Final Score 7/29

As you remember from the last post, Scars Like These played a show at a place called The Final Score in Bensalem. It was a fun show indeed!
As you can see below, we got to hang with our friends from Old Fezziwig. They remembered me from when I was in Terminal Frost!

SLT in Bensalem tomorrow

Hello my friends,

Scars Like These has a show tomorrow night in Bensalem, PA. I’ve actually never been up there. It’s also a far drive from where we are coming from. However, it should be a good time. We are playing with those guys Old Fezziwig, who were the main band when Terminal Frost did its one and only show. I bet the guy might remember me, and be all surprised to see me in Scars, haha. We will see. I’m definitely stoked. I like when we do shows on Saturday nights. Even better, I don’t even need to bring my kit except maybe a part or two.
What’s also odd is that between this show coming up and the last one, we haven’t practiced at all. But we fucking killed it the last 2 shows, and I am disappointed in not coming across any pictures or footage! Well except these pics with Frank from LowBrau Bastards, but where am I? D’oh!

So anyway, it’ll be fun. I’ll be putting more stuff up soon.

Dave D.


It’s been awhile my friends, and I do apologize.

I’ve been very busy with work and the band, and by the time I get to my other side projects I am truly exhausted. What else can I say? I am only human.

In the meanwhile, my 2nd show with Scars Like These is this Saturday, April 15 @ The Rusty Nail in Ardmore. I really look forward to it.
I am still trying to work on my writings, the Terminal Frost demo that never was, and new MoonCandle. It’s hard to juggle all of these.

Keep checking back for more.

Dave D. Bauchery


Hey everyone,
I have a big announcement to make. This morning, I got a call and found out that I am now officially the drummer for the band SCARS LIKE THESE!
There is a lot to the story before all that even happened.
This last week had to be the craziest week I’ve had in a long time. Besides the overtime hours at the regular job, I was looking for a bassist to see if Terminal Frost could get back together. This guy hit me up, and he sounded like he really wanted to be in a serious band. So I talked to Ryan and he wanted to see if we could set up a jam session for the guy. While that was going, I got a message from Tommy Scars from the band Scars Like These. We opened up for them when we had that show back in October (as you can see below).
They fired their drummer, and then they had a fill-in drummer. The fill-in couldn’t make it to the shows they had coming up. Me being without an official band other than fun-at-home stuff like MoonCandle, I decided to take him up on the audition.

Last night, I auditioned for them, and I caught on pretty quick to the songs I remembered in my head. Keep in mind I only started listening to their setlist THAT day. Of course, I wasn’t on point entirely, but close enough that they liked my style.
Today I found out, and I am extremely excited. They may not be metal, but they are a Hard Rock band that clearly influenced by old school Punk and early Heavy Metal. Its going to be great because they are a serious band that does play shows, and they play a lot. This is what I’ve needed for a long time.
Being busy with this new band, I still hope to update this blog, but it won’t be easy. I still have a lot of writings to put up here, too.
So keep checking back, it’s gonna get interesting !

Dave Debauchery


Not the greatest start to the new year

My friends,
Sorry I have not been able to update this regularly like I had preferred. Sadly, the year hasn’t gotten off to a great start for me.
First off, my band Terminal Frost is technically on hiatus. Ryan and I talked and agreed that the rent at the jam spot has been costly, and without a bass player to split with us we simply cannot continue to be unproductive.
I moved my drum set out of there. Now it is currently in a basement. I am officially without a band at the moment except I am trying to work on new MoonCandle and my debut solo album of Dave Debauchery.  My microphone isn’t sounding good on my new computer. It sounded perfect on the old one, but for my Windows 10 not so much.
So I bought a new microphone. Unfortunately I am missing a splitter cable to put it into the new computer. Weird, the microphone didn’t even come with the cable, it’s just “assumed” I already have one. Gotta love it.
All this nonsense is going on and I still continue to procrastinate. For that I am sorry.
I had good plans for this blog and they will still continue as long as I have the time. This blog isn’t just for my music updates, its also for my writings.
There were other things that were personal going on in January that I won’t get into. I will try my best to be more productive on this page.



Hey All,

Well I guess I lied to all of you last year saying there would be a ton of more posts. I guess there really wasn’t. I wanted to put more movie and music reviews up but never really got around to doing it.
In 2017, I definitely want to contribute more here to Oblivion’s Realm. It’s unfair I leave you readers in the dust like this.

I gotta say I had a great time in 2016. I was free from the chains of my consequences of 2014 and 2015. It was the biggest relief in my life. Now I am focusing on my music life more than ever before.

Some High Points from 2016:
– Got a new car and got XM radio, Howard Stern returning to my life was a very good thing. Something I mentally need for all the driving around I do.
– My new band, TERMINAL FROST. Establishing ourselves and being able to play a show
– With that, my drumming getting waaay sicker than ever.
– Seeing Suicidal Tendencies/ Megadeth in Bethlehem, PA
– Seeing Prophets of Rage in Camden, NJ
– Seeing Opeth in NYC
– My work on MoonCandle, resulting in the release of:
MoonCandle: XVIII
MoonCandle: A Very Heavy Holiday
– Finally getting a lot of my music on YouTube and other sites
– My visit to the Tattoo Convention in Philly. What a great time.
I got the SGT D tattoo and met Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma people !!
– Watching Witchfinder General at The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville
– Flea Market Vending

There were certainly some low points as well, which I’m not too happy to share. So i’ll only share a few.
–  I had a really shitty eye infection that took forever to get rid of.
– I discovered my cymbals were pawned before picking up my drum set…
– Austin quitting Terminal Frost

There were some more but they’re too personal. Well anyway, I hope 2017 turns out great. I want to post more stuff, and keep my audience interested.

See you next year!

Dave D. Bauchery/DM Dave/Dave Smith

A TON of updates

Hello my friends,

A lot has happened since the last time I even posted anything on here.  But before we get into the details of that, I wanted to tell you all that I finally got a brand new computer after years of neglect and not caring about the latest technology. So things will be a lot more convenient for me when it comes to my music and online work now!

First off– Terminal Frost news.
The show turned out great. Yes, it was our first show, and it was at a very small place with a small audience, but you know what? That’s how a lot of bands start, and I had a very fun time, despite a few tech difficulties (the sound guy wasn’t doing a good job).


Definitely was a good time and I am looking forward to future shows, however not long after the show, our bassist Austin announced his departure from Terminal Frost. I was very bummed out, but he explained to us why, and it made a lot of sense. So not all is lost. Ryan and I talked about Terminal Frost going on hiatus until we find a new bassist. We will be auditioning people (if interested, please message me right away!). In the meantime we are going to work on a cover band side project. There is no name for it yet, but we want to cover some classic rock songs and a few 90s songs. We will make them our own style with a heavy edge to them. And they are not going to be typical cover songs that typical cover bands do.

Well, while that is happening I’ve been working hardcore on the new MoonCandle. It will be called A Very Heavy Holiday, and I am hoping we can get it done and released this holiday season. The time is getting closer, so we have to either get it done soon or let it sit till next year around the holidays. Otherwise, there will be work on the follow-up album to XVIII for 2017.

Coffin Born news —
I finally got the “greatest hits” album Violation of the Dead from 2009 up on YouTube! You can check it here.

There will also be a new album from the band Estrogenocide being released very soon from what I am told, and you know they’re brutal. Their greatest hits “The Art of Chauvinism” is finally up on YouTube after sitting in the underground for some years. They haven’t had a new album in 10 years. So this new album ought to be interesting.

I’ve also been working on my writings, and trying my hardest to get the Martin Scorsese reviews up.
Sorry for taking so long to update, so much has been going on, and this is a very, very busy time of year as you all know. Please check back again soon, I will try to keep this up more!

Dave D. Bauchery