Between Jason Goes to Hell & Jason X

There was a very long wait between Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. And a lot happened in between 1993 and 2002 in my life anyway going from kid to teenager! I saw the entire series that was available on video at the time (Parts 1-9) roughly from about 1996 to 1997. In 1997-1998, when first going on the internet as a 12 year old, I looked up everything Friday the 13th that I could that was available online.

My cousin Andrew had the internet at his house before me, so he did the first search for Jason. Of course the first thing that pops up is “Friday the 13th: Jason Fucks You To Death!” Probably the first porn site our 11 and 12 yr old virgin eyes ever saw. Gotta love the late 90s internet. It had everything out in the open. Those seriously were the days.


Anyways, it was the greatest discovery coming across “The Coroner Report” that had a list of every Friday the 13th kill in exact order, how they were killed, and who killed them. The deaths were extremely inspiring for my slasher movie ideas on 3D Movie Maker.  I remember going to every Halloween store I could just to see what kind of Jason masks they would have. They would always have a JGTH one that was super ridiculous and over-the-top looking. But since I couldn’t afford that on my allowance money, I would get the hockey mask by itself. Sometimes I’d wear it just for the hell of it, stand in the woods and stare at things and make heavy breathing sounds. I was
a weird kid, but these movies really were my life at that time. I wasn’t playing video games like every other kid my age. It was horror movies and making cheesy horror movies on 3D Movie Maker, or else! Once metal music entered the picture later, my slasher nerdiness began to chill a bit. But I still remember all the best ones from the video stores. I always thought it was a huge thrill looking at the VHS boxes – the front and back covers. I seriously miss all of that. These 2000s-born kids don’t know what they were missing.


The wait for the next Jason movie took forever. I remember my early chat room/message board days on (way before it was . That was all the fans would talk about. The big rumors were Freddy Vs. Jason before there was ever a Jason X.  I remember one of my online friends at the time started his very own script and I for real thought he had the best one!! Dig this — It brought back the Tommy Jarvis character, and Nancy from Nightmare!  Could you imagine Robert Englund, Kane Hodder plus Thom Matthews and Heather Langenkamp in an epic slasher coming out in the year 1999/2000? That was my vision as an excited 13 year-old mega slasher fan.


I also remember at the time, slashers were changing their style. Andrew and I HATED (and I do mean hated) the Scream movies, and the movies that took after/followed them. It was a new type of “slasher” that we didn’t like, it was all different.  If you’ve read my Wes Craven you would understand. When Scary Movie came out in 2000 making fun of all those movies, Andrew and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was the exact comedy we needed to see to explain to people who didn’t understand why we didn’t like those “scary” movies. We hated that they were called that and missed the term “Horror”.  We dubbed those movies Trendy Horror. But like Nu-Metal, it was short-lived.  Sadly Wes Craven, who I still think is a horror master was responsible for that trend because he worked with Kevin Williamson who did all those other bad movies too. I look back at that era and I guess they’re “okay” movies now. Nowhere near the cheese I enjoyed from Jason, Michael, Freddy, Chucky, Leatherface, Pinhead, etc. etc.


By 2002, Andrew and I had watched most of the essential slashers, and whatever weird movies we would come across at the video store. We totally ripped off all of them in our early 3DMM movies. Suddenly before Freddy Vs. Jason, there’s an announcement about Jason X. It was filmed already but awaiting release. It felt abrupt, like almost 10 years after JGTH, really? But it was very exciting. A new Jason movie, FINALLY! And he’s in space. Even better. Ha  Jason X review coming soon !

2 Scars shows this week!

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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)


This movie was brand-spanking new the first time I ever heard of Jason. I was about 8 years old watching TV, flipping channels and would usually take note of every movie preview I saw. This one always stuck with me because of the cover with the hockey mask and the snake. I found out real quick it was a movie series especially when some kids at school were wearing hockey masks for Halloween costumes. I only knew that he was Jason, but didn’t know the back story or anything until I rented Friday the 13th part 1 some years later. My mom didn’t want me watching them right away probably because of the sex scenes. Its funny because by 1993 I had already seen some really violent R-rated movies.


Once I did get around to watching them, I still did not see it in the right order. I’d see bits and pieces of this sequel, and I was always confused with the story. It was my mission to see them all by the time I got to this one because it was “The Final Friday“.  Okay, here we go, major spoilers.
It actually starts off fresh. It completely ignores the end of Part 8 which I am okay with.  We get right into the meat when the first chick gets naked and the lights go out. Jason attacks and next thing you know shes running in the woods in high heels only to lead him to an ambush! Surprise! The SWAT team got him surrounded and literally blow him up into pieces. It’s definitely a surprise opener the first time you see it. Every time after that you know what’s going to happen.

All the Jason body parts are taken to a morgue to be analyzed by a coroner. It isn’t long before the coroner gets hungry and pigs out on Jason’s still-beating heart. I was confused at first, but Jason somehow “possessed” and took over the coroner’s body.

Next, the coroner’s assistant arrives late with a pizza. The security guys let him in after a ticklish pat-down. One of them is played by Jason himself, Kane Hodder, and the other guy looks like Elvis. The assistant doesn’t know the coroner is really Jason and starts right away with the Jason-dissing, where one of my favorite lines comes in. He flips off the corpse and talks about how he’d love to take “A big ol’ mango-sized crap” on Jason’s mask. “Yes? That’s a probe.”
This is followed by some brutal deaths including the security dudes. Kane Hodder calling Jason a pussy is just too funny. It is followed by a special news report about Jason. This is something we had yet to ever really see in a Friday the 13th movie, other than the brief news parts in Part 3 and 4. We find out Jason’s dad name was Elias Voorhees. Crazy stuff. This brings to us a second introduction to the new character Creighton Duke (played awesomely by Steven Williams). He is a bounty hunter who’s been on the hunt to kill Jason for years. He is interviewed on the TV report about Jason, and says that only he knows the way to kill him and will do it for the right price.


We discover that Jason actually had a sister. Not sure how I felt about that when that subplot was introduced, but I guess it worked for the story. It’s just really confusing to take in at first. Anyways, we are introduced to Diane the sister who works at a diner. Her daughter just had a baby, and the father is Steven (who ends up being one of our new main characters), a regular at the diner who doesn’t know yet.
Creighton Duke is at the diner and makes a big scene in front of the Sheriff (Billy Green Bush!) when he warns Diana about her big bro coming back. “She’s only your girl because she hasn’t had a taste of the Duke yet!”  Classic.
Diana wants to meet up with Steven so she can break the news to him about her daughter’s baby. On the way, Steven picks up hitchhikers- 2 chicks and a dude up to all kinds of debauchery.  He drops them off at Crystal Lake and tells them the classic Crystal Lake levity:
So… ya kids plan on smokin a little dope, having a little pre-marital sex, and getting slaughtered…? ”
My cousin and Uncle and I have been joking that line for years. This is followed by a scene that may just have well been my introduction to soft core porn. The 2 girls and the guy are all naked and Jason still in the coroner’s body is stalking old school style. The guy and girl start banging in the tent. The other chick gets killed off, but after that… I guess its tame at this point in my life, but at 11, 12 years old this scene was something else – a hot sex scene turning into the goriest kills Jason had in years!
I can’t tell you how many times my parents walked in on me watching that scene and shaking their head. Jason stepping on the condom is hilarious every time.



Anyways, Jason continues jumping from body to body. He jumps into one of the local cops, Josh. While in the Josh body, he kills Diane right when she was about to tell Steven about the baby. The sheriff arrives, sees her dead, and it looks like Steven did it after he pushes “Josh” through the window.
In a very funny scene, he finds himself in a jail cell right next Creighton Duke, who, by breaking Steven’s fingers (his price), gives us the entire new supernatural back plot.  Jessica, Diana’s daughter is technically Jason’s niece. Only through a Voorhees woman can Jason be resurrected. We find out later this also includes dead Voorhees’ women.
Despite this new muddled story, unusual plot for a Friday the 13th movie, it moves along very nicely.

In a sudden move, Steven breaks out of jail to get Jessica. One of his first stops is the Voorhees House. This is also a new thing we didn’t know about in previous Fridays. That kind of annoyed me. While there, he discovers the reporter dating Jessica, Robert Campbell, stole Diane’s body from the morgue and left it there. Jason jumps from the cop into Campbell’s body. And its a very grotesque, gory scene.

Now Robert/Jason will be going after Jessica. Steven looks like a total bad guy because everyone thinks he actually killed Diane. It sucks, but he does get to her, and of course right away she freaks out. I won’t continue to keep going into detail at this point, I am spoiling a lot. But this is all followed by a lot of really entertaining violent scenes including the police station and diner.



By the end, we are back at the Voorhees house and sadly Creighton Duke is killed. Most of the cast except Steven and Jessica and the baby are dead. Through Diane’s corpse at the Voorhees house, Jason is finally resurrected back to life. There’s a ridiculous fight scene with Jason and Steven. Jason is sent back to hell after that special dagger is stabbed into his heart.
While we are wondering what’s going to happen next, we suddenly see the Freddy Krueger claw pop out from the ground and take the hockey mask  down under the ground to “hell”.  That’s what started the rumors for that infamous sequel we all knew was coming.

There’s a lot of good things I can say about this movie. For one it is well-directed by Adam Marcus, who on the DVD commentary, seems like a cool dude. People can hate on it all they want, but it is a fun time even without Jason being in it the whole time. Thanks to Marcus’s nice blend of comedy, drama, slasher, and supernatural horror, it does work. There’s some good comic relief throughout and it helps. It’s extremely gory, and that makes up for the last 3.  The Melting Scene is really brutal. The shootouts at the end are over-the-top.
There’s also a lot that brings the movie down some. If anyone was a super fan before this came out, they would’ve been so disappointed with the new story and hardly seeing Jason. Not to mention how it has new things to it that screw up the already continuity error-filled timeline. Since Part 6 ended, I think the writers were running out of good ideas. But you gotta remind yourself it is Part 9… who cares? I thought these new characters stood out a little better than the previous Fridays.
When you do see Jason, he looks quite horrid… and the Voorhees house – when did this happen? Also that fight with Steven and Jason at the end — total cheese. He totally would’ve killed him right away, and not kept up an ongoing beatup sesh. I also feel Jessica was introduced later in the story not earlier on, and the baby at the end, where did she go? Also, the lighting is horrendous.
Okay so despite the millions of complaints, its still a decent movie. Like the sequels, its junk food. It was made for the fans to be entertained, and it does that. The only other thing that’s weird is that this is the only 90s Jason movie. After this, there was a long wait until the next one.


Mmm… that deformed oversized heart looks delicious.
The weird music Steven listens to in the car before he picks up the teens
The chicks peeing in the woods, definitely gives a feeling of discomfort.
“Think you’re ready for Tony the Wonder Llama?”
The body jumping parts look like “Jason” is making out with the next body he’s to possess with the hell baby.
The Necronomicon from Evil Dead in the Voorhees house. I think everyone knows this by now.
When Randy punches Steven and he looks like he has lipstick for a second.