New Drone Side Project?

My former vocalist of Coffin Born, Zach “Necroblaster” Smith, and I have been talking about a new musical project. It doesn’t have a name yet, but it will be mostly Drone Metal/Experimental. I am very excited for this. We haven’t collaborated in a while, so it’ll be interesting to hear the new outcome. My friend and guitarist Nick from DownSyndrome might be helping out with guitar work. Nick and I jammed recently, our new band’s future is uncertain because of him moving out of state soon, but for right now it is called Valerian Roots.

Some other updates – my 3DMM movie project of getting all my films up on this blog, is almost complete. My Coffin Born remasters are also almost finished, and work on the new album will happen after that. I also want to post some movie reviews up soon.
Stay tuned!!


Future projects

I’ve talked to the guy with my old 3DMM movies on YouTube. I will be sending him all my classics, and he will upload all of them on YouTube. One at a time I will post them on here with the links. I’m very excited about this. I want people to see all the animated movies I made from 1999-2006 on that program. It’s not too late! I don’t care how outdated they are. The world must see.

One of my friends from the 3DMM world, Jeremy, still wants to make a live action film of one of my old films! This could be very interesting if it works out.

And on another note, I’ve been talking to people about starting a new band. I know a lot of musicians who might be interested, so this could be very good. I’m really looking forward to the new.

Also, I’ve been talking to my good friend Chuck about putting together a possible podcast, or show that we want to show everybody. It’ll be us and our views on today’s world, and I guarantee it’ll be hilarious.

More updates to come soon! Lookout!!