3DMM DVD Vol. 1

Thanks to a very good friend of mine, my early 3DMM movies from 1999 are on DVD for the first time.  I officially call it The 3DMM Movies of Dave Smith & Andrew Murphy, Volume 1. According to him, it was a long process. I never thought in a million years I would see the day. Thank you, Zach!
Here’s a temporary front cover of the DVD I made.


Copies of this DVD will only be made upon request until further notice. There will be approximately 5 or more volumes in the near future if this continues.


New band?

Hello all,

Just recently spoke with my old guitarist Ryan from Imminent Death (who also did voices in a few of my 3DMM movies). We caught up on some things and really are thinking of starting a new band. More on this as it happens!

Dave Debauchery