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Scars Like These Liberty Vintage Show Pics

Our show from September 7 at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles.

Was a hell of a night! It rained, and the cops shut us down (2 bands after our set).
The other bands  — The debut of our friend Wayne’s band, Fake Noose – FUCKING BADASS!  Reminded me of older school stuff that I enjoy quite a bit. After we played, The End AD came on and put on an amazing performance. Steve who plays bass also played in The Prisoners who we played shows with earlier this year. Ami Friend, their front lady, has a great attitude and energy, not to mention eye candy, she brings to the whole performance. I look forward to playing with them again, for sure. Lastly, Live Not on Evil, who are also damn good, 2 songs in, got shut down by the cops. We had to pack it up,  unfortunately. But hey it was a great time!
Enjoy these pics from our performance. Click on the pics to enlarge


Dave D

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)



In the early days of my movie obsessions, I always came across this one at the Suncoast video store in the mall. The cover fascinated me, and I regarded Jason as something as big as King Kong or Godzilla. Years go by, now its 5th grade – I remember one of my classmates saying they watched Jason Takes Manhattan. I asked him how it was and he said it was bad. Maybe I should’ve heeded the warning. There’s a reason this is most people’s least favorite Jason movie. But before I get into that… As many of you fellow readers may know, I did not see the Friday the 13th movies in perfect order. In fact, this one was early on. I first saw Part 1, then Part 3, then it was this one. I had no choice, it was playing on TV and I had to seize the moment so I could see all of them.


The “Saa saaa saa” in the beginning though is kind of neat. Sounds like its left over from Part 7’s soundtrack. Unlike Part 7 (which I would actually see after this one… for some reason they were playing the series backwards), this has a terribly cheesy opening credit sequence. The narrative done very well by my favorite asshole of the movie, Uncle Charles (Peter Mark Richmond – He plays a great asshole!)

The opening scene with Jim and Suzy is already hilarious. They’re just about to have sex,  and of course Jim gets more naked than Suzy. Its always funnier when the guy is more naked than the chick.  Before they get down n’ dirty, Jim does a terrible retelling of the Jason legend. Young Jason has hair in the flashback? Whaaaat?? So stupid.
Jim goes out to checking something out, then pranks Suzy by wearing a hockey mask and fake stabbing her. She pretends to die a bit after being fake stabbed? Can this get any cheesier?

Renee is our main character. She’s kind of cute and innocent, about to graduate. She’s friends with the cool teacher Mrs. Van Deusen, who’s a big Stephen King fan. Renee has a fear of water that her asshole Uncle Charles always seems to remind her about. He’s always telling her she shouldn’t be a part of it, but she goes along anyway. Her boyfriend is Sean Robertston, and his dad is the Captain of the boat. His pops is nice and friendly, but really puts the pressure on for him to be the next skipper some day.  The crazy Ralph-wannabe deck hand warns everyone, but of course no one cares.


Things get crazy and people die one by one in brutal and funny ways. The sauna rock death and glass shard death are brutal. Unfortunately a lot of it is edited and cut down really badly. It’s disappointing to show friends other than the funniest death of the movie which is Julius. But we’ll get to that. Even though people are dying, Uncle Charles still refuses to believe its Jason. The ship eventually catches fire remaining survivors/main characters end up on a lifeboat. They do eventually make it to New York. But the movie is well over halfway over by then. Oh well.

Once they get there, they are robbed, and Renee kidnapped by the same thugs. Eventually Jason arrives and catches up with everybody. More slaughters occur including the mugger dipshits that try to drug and rape poor Renee. I love when Jason slams the dude at the hot steam pipe.  Julius as I mentioned earlier, has the best death hands down. He boxes Jason till he can’t hit anymore! Jason hits back… and … well should I spoil it?  Knocks his block off and it lands in the garbage!! Haha sorry totally had to.


There’s a car accident moment where we see a flashback of a young Renee and her Uncle Charles at Crystal Lake in who knows what year in the timeline…. He’s one of those goony weird uncles. The dude pushes his poor niece into the water to try to get her to swim. What a bastard!  Jason with hair (which is annoying) pulls her under. After the flashback ends, you can’t help but want this guy dead. We get our wish once Jason goes ninja on his ass.


After all that, Jason chases Renee and Sean all over New York City. They kill him a few times and then they end up in the sewer. Somehow all the sewage/toxic waste that pours through the sewer dissolves him back to a little child with hair. Stupid ending. But hey at least Renee’s dog comes back.  It’s a farewell to Paramount F13 era, I guess. Somehow Jason Goes to Hell starts all the way back at Crystal Lake .

This wasn’t a great sequel. I still enjoy it as a Friday the 13th movie, but it definitely wouldn’t be the first one I would show somebody, and it isn’t nearly as good as my more favorite sequels. Just a fact. A lot of classic death moments, some are creative, but just more comical and not very graphic ones. It feels cheesier than previous sequels, and somehow Jason becomes ninja-like with the teleporting as he did in Part 7. It also feels overlong for a Friday the 13th movie. It’s already the length of a typical sequel by the time they finally arrive to NY.  But whatever. Like most of these sequels, its junk food, I like watching it despite its faults. Just wait til we get to the next one…


Super 80s soundtrack despite technical timeline being somewhere around 94/95.
Jason is very slimy.
Mrs Van Deusens death and the remaining kids on the boat burning to death and drowing. People forget sometimes.
Wayne killed someone. See? Jason doesn’t always do the murders in these movies!
The deckhand only wishes he was Crazy Ralph.
Julius laughing like a cartoon character when he sees the statue of liberty.