Scars Like These – Live @ Connie’s 4-7-18 Video Clips

Special thanks to Z191TV for filming and uploading these clips!



SLT first 2018 show/new release TONIGHT

The new Scars Like These EP called Defiled is officially released, and will be available tonight at our first show of the year at Connie’s Ric-Rac in South Philly, alongside Disoriental and The Prisoners!  There will be a followup blog entries with pictures, video, and maybe even audio. Check back sooN!

DeathMetal Dave




I’m still here

This winter has been seriously brutal my friends. I’ve had to deal with a long-lasting cold, 2 middle ear infections, all while working. I’ve had to rest as much as I can to get back to normal, and I still don’t feel all that great. It’s been shitty to say the least.

Meanwhile, Scars Like These update:
Our bass player Chris quit the band, we recorded an amazing sounding new EP  called Defiled, and hired a new bassist, Vic DeVille (ex-Devil’s Grippe).

Copies of Defiled will be out soon.


Show cancelled

Hello friends/fans,
Due to the weather yesterday, Scars Like These couldn’t make it out to Philly. It was really bad, I almost got into a car accident driving yesterday, and that was BEFORE getting ready to go to Tom’s place (the typical band meetup spot). The temp was basically 23 degrees and wasn’t increasing. Chris, our bassist, was trapped in gridlocked, bumper-to-bumper traffic. One of the bands’ vehicles broke down and they were well over 5 hours away. This show was the middle of their tour schedule. Tom’s neighborhood hadn’t even been plowed. It would’ve been ridiculous, and who would even be there to see a show in the middle of a storm?
Anyway, that would’ve been the last show with Chris. After he got out of traffic, he went to Tom’s, grabbed his bass and amp and left. That’s it. Now we have to find a new bassist to audition/join up. This could be a while. I bet we’ll be a 3-piece temporarily, time permitting. We just need to finish the vocal parts. After that it’s the mixing/mastering that, according to Tom, will probably be 1-2 days hanging out being obsessively attentive to all the sounds and changes. Then we have to make the changes necessary until we are satisfied.
Me, I’m personally very excited. This is my debut recording with them as the drummer, so it will be a very big thing for me.  Early 2018 seems to be the goal for the release, so it’ll start the year off fresh. I can only imagine the great times that will follow. I just hope the new bass player is someone who can work well with us in all aspects.
Well anyway, enough babbling. I never did get around to talking about the late show we did, which coincidentally was our actual last show with Chris on bass, and the last of the year. The Red Stallion was interesting because you could smoke inside the bar. We were pretty far out from our usual gig locations. But nonetheless we sounded really good on stage. By that I mean the sound system was incredible.  Unfortunately I don’t think I played my best because I attempted backup vocals, and because I am still new to it, it threw off my playing. I have to get better at this. In the meantime, I might not do that again for awhile.  Our friend Shawn, the drummer of Old Fezziwig, who actually lives down the street, showed up before we went on and filmed us.  We may never see the footage. We were able to get a few funny pics taken, too.


Well anyway, will update more soon. See ya friends!